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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Five hundred sites on 110 acres proposed in Garden City

 A new development which will fundamentally change the look of Garden City is being proposed.

Sun Communities Inc. is proposing a Recreational Vehicle Resort on 110 acres at the southwestern corner of South Hodges Canyon Road and South Bear Lake Blvd. Sun Communities owns and operates over 300 manufactured home communities and RV resorts located in 29 states throughout the US and Ontario, Canada.

The project is planned to consist of approximately 500 sites,  a combination of traditional RV sites and various types of glamping.  

Included in the development will be a variety of amenities available to guests which could potentially include: Clubhouse facility with indoor recreation and event space, resort style pool, parks and trail network and a Main Street area for additional amenity offerings.

The Garden City Planning Commission will consider this application during their regular meeting which will be Wednesday, May 5, 2021 after the Public Hearing at the Garden City Lakeview Building, located at 69 N. Paradise Parkway.  

You are invited to give comment during the Public Hearing on the same date at 5:00 p.m. for any discussion you may want to present or you may make written comment to:

The Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission
PO Box 207
Garden City, Utah 84028

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the Garden City Office on Monday through Friday, or call at 435 946-2901.

Brian House wrote in a Letter to the Editor:

"Growth is inevitable. Garden City is growing as fast as any community in Utah. What we see are large "homes" being built as short term rentals, nearly 400 in Garden City. Now we're faced with a proposed large RV complex of over 500 various camp sites, glamping and an assortment of seasonal short term and possibly long term RV use. 

Using existing UDOT and Garden City roads, water and sewer.

Although potentially allowed as a Planned Unit Development, does Garden City have the water? Is our sewer system capable of handing the increase? Already our sewer system seems to be maxed out on weekends with backed up sewer and stench north of Pickleville, some sewer pumps running on a lengthy basis. It seems our elected officials have forgotten the city master plan, including a bypass road and small "mini" parks throughout Garden City being pushed aside for growth as developers continue their ever expanding development.

Yes, growth is inevitable but at what cost to the community?"


J. D. said...

Grow is inevitable but at what cost? It seems that the all might dollar has taken over and the P and Z and town fathers are just looking for the tax money with very little thought of what this may look like in the future. Any thought of what this may do to the wildlife traffic and their winter feeding as well as all the traffic and animals getting from the hills to the water . Can you imagine the traffic going up Hodges Canyon. There have been several accidents on Bear Lake Blvd. and Hodges Canyon Road. Cars and ATV speeding up the road and the mayor refuses to put in speed bumps.

Unknown said...

As the water operator for bear lake west I can attest to the fact our water resources are struggling to meet demand in the summer. So is fish haven sewer district. This spurt in growth is a nightmare for us utility operators trying to do more with fixed resources. The only options are to consider each application carefully and make the developers pay for utility expansion and capacities....and even then resources for supply of water and sewage treatment have their limits.

Longtime Summer Resident said...

I agree with the water, sewer, traffic and overall impact concerns mentioned in the above comments.
But why would you consider bringing more people in when there is not enough beaches or parking to accommodate those who already are there?
Please do not do this!

Unknown said...

Garden City needs to conduct the appropriate studies to determine the potential impacts in the areas of concern addressed in the above comments. Every year our community gets more crowded and congested. Last summer during the week and especially on weekends, we were bursting at the seams. What is the plan to manage the growth in our beautiful community. This development is huge and shouldn't go forward.